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Influencer Network
Wolf-Points has caused an uproar on all social media! Our affiliates are being paid to share their special referral link. Did we really become the #1 Network in under 10 years? YES, we’re that good. Influencers enjoy our transparency, our flexibility, and our high payouts! With us, any social media user with any size following can become a successful influencer.

The Story of Wolf-Points

How we got on our feet to become the #1 Influencer Earning Network


The Beginning
Wolf-Points started in March 2015 in Amsterdam with the goal of making a network where influencers could promote for advertisers. Wolf-Points was designed to serve as the middle man to connect influencers with top corporations.


The Uprising
We slowly began working with the biggest names on social media causing Wolf-Points to receive national attention. We began being mentioned on top publications such as Forbes where we have been named the "#1 Influencer Earning Network".


Forming Connections
Wolf-Points begins forming relationships and expanding the team on a national scale. Today we're partnered with more than 300 companies to bring you the top offers we have available on our task wall.


The Awards Start Rolling In
Wolf-Points was invited to over 30 advertisement summits in the year 2018 and have won awards for our high paying offers. Wolf-Points remains to be the best network with the highest paying offers and best usability to this day.